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Stargazer Park

Envision a luxurious glamping ground adorned with a charming, covered deck pavilion and a cozy fire pit area, offering a perfect blend of comfort and nature. The covered deck pavilion is an inviting space with a vaulted roof, ceiling fans and hand crafted from sturdy timber beams. The pavilion's open sides provide breathtaking views of the surrounding wilderness, while still offering protection from the elements.

Inside the pavilion, plush seating arrangements feature sumptuous cushions and throws, providing a comfortable gathering place for guests to relax and unwind. Strategically placed string lights cast a warm and magical glow over the pavilion, enhancing the ambiance.

Just a few steps away from the pavilion, a circular fire pit area beckons with its rustic charm. An intimate space for storytelling, stargazing, and marshmallow toasting. The soothing crackling of the fire and the symphony of nature's nighttime sounds create an immersive experience that captures the essence of glamping – a harmonious blend of luxury and outdoor adventure.

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